Every Month Is Dental Care Month!!!!

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Our Dental Prices are good, not just in February, but all year long! Dental care is important for the health of your furry family member. Not only does it leave their teeth sparkling and mouths feeling refreshed, but it can help to add years to your pets life. While they may not require a dental cleaning until they reach about 2-3 years of age; it is highly recommended that they have a routine cleaning by at least 4 years of age. Animals that don't receive dental cleanings are much more likely to suffer from not only mouth diseases, but heart and kidney diseases as well. Plus, it helps to keep their breath smelling nice and fresh! 
Brushing teeth at your groomer or at home on your own is great for their health, but it doesn't help to break away plaque and tartar build up from the very back teeth and underneath the gum-line. Don't worry though, we can handle that part for you!
Our dental prices include the pre-operative blood work and exam, IV catheter, fluids & EKG monitoring during the procedure, dental x-rays, the scaling and polishing and antibiotic & pain injections once the dental is completed.

$300.00 (pets 4 yrs and under)
$350.00 (pets 5 years and over)  
*Tooth extractions and medications, if needed, are at an additional fee.