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  • The Kirshbaum Foundation for Animals

    In these troubling economic times, the efforts of  The Kirshbaum Foundation for Animals becomes even more important.  People and their loving companions, more than ever, need assistance in getting their animals spayed and neutered.  Through the Foundation's efforts, more dogs and cats are being spayed and neutered, decreasing the number of unwanted animals entering our municipal shelters.

    The Foundation provides second chance housing facilities, so fewer animals are turned into the municipal shelters, thus decreasing the number of fine animals euthanized on a daily basis.  The Foundation's financial aid to Clark County Housing Seniors provides financial assistance to buy pet food and provide animal vaccinations so that our Seniors can enjoy the companionship of a pet.

    Your financial contribution will allow The Foundation to provide these valuable programs, decreasing the number of stray animals and placing many more in loving homes.   

    Contributions to The Kirshbaum Foundation for Animals can be made at Dewey Veterinary Medical Center or by sending your check or money order to Dr. Eugene L. Kirshbaum Foundation for Animals 4800 W. Dewey Drive Las Vegas, NV  89118.  The Kirshbaum Foundation is a 501-C3 organization, making all contributions tax deductible.

    Best Regards,
    Steven Scott, President
    Dewey Veterinary Medical Center