Dewey Veterinary Medical Center

Dewey Veterinary Medical Center is a full-service veterinary medical facility, located in southwest Las Vegas, by Decatur and Russel Roads. The professional and courteous staff at Dewey Veterinary Medical Center seek to provide the best possible medical, surgical, and dental care for our highly-valued patients.

We are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care, and educational opportunities for our clients at remarkable prices. Dewey Veterinary Medical Center strives to offer excellence in veterinary care to the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding areas of Pahrump and nearby Arizona.

Please take a moment to contact us today or take the "virtual tour" of our hospital to learn more about our veterinary practice and to learn how Dewey Veterinary Medical Center can serve the needs of you and your cherished pet.

  • Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm
  • Sat: 8:00am - 4:00pm
  • Sun: 10:00am - 12:30pm
  • Shot Clinic Hours Sunday 11:00a - 12:30p or Thursday 2:00p - 4:30p
  • Ronald DeJesus, D.V.M

    Ronald DeJesus, D.V.M.

    Dr. DeJesus is our Medical Director at DVMC and has been a mainstay of the professional staff for the last nine years. Dr. Ron graduated from the University of the Philippines in 1988 and completed his post-graduate clinical training at the University of Missouri.  Dr. Ron started with Dr. Freer when this facility housed the Clark County Municipal Shelter.

    Dr. Ron’s primary interests in the hospital include all forms of surgery and internal medicine.  Outside of the hospital, Dr. DeJesus enjoys fishing (when he can find the time) and spending time with his wife, three daughters, and his many pets and birds.
  • Joseph Freer, D.V.M.

    Joseph Freer, D.V.M.

    Dr. Freer is the co-founder and president of Dewey Veterinary Medical Center, going back twenty-six years as the original Dewey Animal Shelter. In 1985, Drs. Freer and Eugene Kirshbaum were awarded the contract to manage the Clark County municipal animal shelter. By 1988, the cities of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas consolidated with the County at the Dewey facility. Dr. Freer actively pioneered early-age sterilization (8-12 weeks), now accepted in shelter husbandry and private practice. Drs. Freer and Kirshbaum brought enforced spay and neuter regulations to our community.  Though not conducting daily clinical activities, Dr. Freer actively participates in the day-to-day management of DVMC and tirelessly raises funds for the Dr. Eugene L. Kirshbaum Foundation, a non-profit foundation which provides funding for animal welfare groups, sterilization and veterinary services to those in need.
  • Dr. Robert Fuentes

    Dr. Fuentes was born and raised in Southern California. He graduated Veterinary School from Colorado State University in 2005.  Since then, he has lived in Las Vegas and practiced as a small animal Veterinarian for 11 years.  He and his wife, Tarah, currently have two sons.  They also have 2 dogs and 3 cats to make a full busy house.
  • Kelly McGowan

    Kelly McGowan

    Hospital Manager
    Kelly has been our Office Manager for the last 12 years having worked her way up through the ranks during the municipal shelter days. She went to the College of Southern Nevada for Business Management. Her areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to, supervision of the Reception Staff, supervision of Boarding Facilities and Kennel Staff, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, office and hospital supplies, and all banking activities.  Kelly lives with her lovely husband Eddie and there beautiful son Nathan, dog Coco, and her two cats, Dexter and Shadow. She enjoys hiking, spending the day at the lake, or just spending the day at home with her family. 
  • Tammy Hampton

    Tammy Hampton

    Tammy completed her Veterinary Assistant training through ABC Veterinary College and has been a team member here for 3 years. She knew from childhood that she was going to work with animals and loves to help them more than anything. Tammy thoroughly enjoys her job and hopes that her daughter will grow up to share the same passion for animals. When she isn't at work you can find Tammy with her family; camping, fishing and doing all kinds of outdoor activities.  
  • Barbara Wortham

    Barbara Wortham

    Barbara has been a Veterinary Assistant with us for eight years. She enjoys all aspects of nursing care and keeps the pets in her care extremely clean and comfortable throughout the day. Barbara’s compassion for the pets and her technical skills with nursing care and hospital maintenance make her a valuable asset to the DVMC Team. She enjoys her family of cats, Tru, Doogie,and Marilyn Monroe; her Yorkies, Misfit and Lily. She is an avid hiker, loves to go camping and attend concerts. 
  • Brian Griffin

    Brian Griffin

    Brian Griffin has worked at Dewey for 5 years. He loves and cares for animals as if they were his pets. Brian is sometimes called "Radar", for his uncanny talent to know just what anyone or any pet needs! Brian is highly valued like all our employees, as he can also multi-task. A seasoned traveler, Brian enjoys the outdoors, as well as video games and movies. He also loves and cares for his kitties and pup.
  • Eddie McGowan

    Eddie McGowan

    Night Assistant
    Eddie has been our night assistant for eight years. He's married to our office manager Kelly and they have one son named Nathan. Eddie is a BIG pet lover. When he's not working he enjoys video games, movies, and spending time with his family.
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    Brian Proudfoot

    Night Assistant
    Brian is our Night Assistant, who monitors all the Patients and Boarders, ensuring their comfort and safety. Brian also owns Precious Pets Animal Service, Helping Owners at their time of need with pet cremation, and animal transport. Brian and his lovely wife Felicia have numerous pets, and 4 talented and active children.
  • Jacob Delisle

    Jacob is an energetic animal lover and is fairly new to the DVMC team- though his animal experience didn't start with us. Jacob came to us after having worked for the NSPCA No Kill Animal Shelter for 2 years. He plans to attend the College of Southern Nevada and gradually work his way toward his degree. For now he is a vital member of our reception team and has great customer service skills. 
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 2016
  • Aaron Vargas

    Aaron Vargas

    Kennel Staff
    Aaron works hard to keep all of the animals who stay in our boarding facility happy and comfortable. He takes the time to get to know the animals and make their stays with us as stress free as possible. Knowing most of your furry family members by name when they come in: we can guarantee they'll always be happy to see him.  
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    Codylee Moran

    Kennel Staff
    Codylee likes to go by "Cody" for short. He is another fairly new member to the DVMC team, but works as though he has been here for years. He has learned the frequent boarders names and habits quickly and works his absolute hardest to make sure they're happy and comfortable during their stay.